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This was me a few years ago.

So, I started with tomatoes.  #FAIL

Little did I know, growing salad was one of the easiest things to grow in the garden.  

Once I started growing salad, the little gardener inside of me showed up.  And suddenly, I felt like a pro.  Growing salad is what prompted the start and growth of my gardening company, Rooted Garden.  

After watching more than 100 clients learn to garden by first growing salad greens, I'm convinced ANYONE (even you!) can become a gardener.  




I've compiled lessons from my backyard and my clients' gardens to create an online course just for you.

Through 4 modules & over 5 hours of instruction, you'll learn every single thing you need to set up and grow a delicious salad garden.   


Learn gardening basics that will apply to salad gardening and so much more.  From my own experience setting up over fifty client gardens, I'll teach you how to choose the best location, select materials and get your garden completely set up for success.  

It's all the details (and much more) that I pass on to my clients during a consult-a $150 value.

There is one secret ingredient to gardening...dirt.  In this module, I'll help you understand what type of dirt is sitting in your own backyard and show you how to transform it into perfect garden soil.   I'll also teach you how to keep adding to your soil so it stays awesome season after season.  

It's better than a soil assessment I provide for my clients-a $100 value.

Things get fun and pretty in this module. Here, I'll teach you all about the wide variety of salad plants and how to design your garden so that it's not just productive but also Instagram-able.  Seriously.  

It's the methods and tricks I haven't shared with anyone (until now)-a $250 value.

In the final set of lessons,  you'll learn all about growing, harvesting, and maintaining your garden.  I'll introduce you to plants that grow in warm, cool, and hot seasons so that your salad bowl can be full nearly all year long.  I'll also make sure you know how to deal with problems and pests when they show up.  

Unlike most garden lessons which teach you the setup and then leave you hanging, this last set of lessons will carry you through the whole garden season and prepare you for any issue that might be a little frustrating.  

It's the follow up consults I provide for my clients, but with advice for multiple seasons -a $150 value.  

Upon purchase, the entire SALAD SCHOOL course is available to you with just one click.

There are 7 video lessons for each module and nearly 5 hours of garden coaching (personally provided by me).

Each lesson is thorough enough to give you ALL THE DETAILS but short enough to watch and learn over a cup of coffee each morning.  

You can have a SALAD SCHOOL BINGE (calorie-free!) and watch it all at once. Or, just take it lesson by lesson.  You're in charge!

Within a few weeks, you'll know all that's necessary to make the grade as a salad gardener.  But, you can refer back to each lesson throughout the year when you're ready to take the next step.  

You'll get all of SALAD SCHOOL for only $97.  

Have you added up how much you spend on local organic lettuce, spinach, kale, and salad herbs in a month?  If you're buying local and for more than one, it could be as much as $100 per month.  

But, for just $97, you'll be well on your way to growing all those greens right in your own backyard and cutting greens for less than half the grocery store price.  

So, toss out that final box of slimy store-bought lettuce and join me in Salad School.  

You'll need just 4 things: a container, great soil, seeds or plants, and a watering source.  You can start small with a pot or grow bag, mixed soil, a few seed packets, and a watering can for under $100 total.  

Or, I'll teach you how to build your own 4' x 4' x 6" cedar garden for a more formal setup. 


Most of the lessons, especially the first two modules on Garden Setup and Soil will prepare you to grow almost anything in your garden.  However, each lesson is particularly focused on salad, as it's the easiest, fastest, and most productive thing to grow.  


Salad School is backed by a 15 day guarantee.  Show me that you've watched all the lessons, set up your initial garden, and you're still not happy and I'll refund you 100% of the purchase price within 15 days of purchase.  But honestly, I'm sure you're going to love it.


After purchase, Salad School is available for you to watch at your convenience.  The course can be watched when the time is right for you within one year of your purchase.  



Sign up for Salad School at this link and I'll send you a coupon to get a FREE ROO APRON.

You can choose the Joey or the Full Size Roo.  And you can pick your color.  

And it's all on me!

Because, let's be honest, it's going to be pretty hard to carry all that lettuce you're going to be growing.  

So, sign up here and you'll receive a coupon to head over to The Roo Apron and snag a completely free garden apron that can hold all of your salad harvests.  

I'll see you in the garden with your Roo on!


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