Confidently Make Your Goals for a Beautiful and Productive Garden Happen in 60 Days

Without needing loads of time, tons of space, or years of experience.

If you're wanting to eat better, feel healthy, learn something new, and reconnect with nature, then you already know that starting a garden is one of the best ways to make those goals happen

You likely already know that when you grow your own, you'll be more likely to eat more greens, create your own plant based dishes, and snack on raw veggies You probably also know that gardening is proven to be one of the key characteristics of those in the 'blue zones' who live longer and healthier lives. And you probably also have figured out that gardeners are taking better care of their communities, spending more time outside and cutting down on their carbon footprint even by just growing a little of their own food.

Here's What You Might Not Know

You don't need to commit hours and hours a week, all of your backyard, and your life savings to have a beautiful and productive garden. You also don't have to have years of experience to start enjoying loads of delicious harvests right away, this year.

With Just 1 Hour a Week, You can Harvest Loads from Your Garden

Most people think they'll need to quit their day job and quit all their other hobbies if they want to start a garden. 

But with a raised bed kitchen garden, you can do a lot in a short amount of time, because the garden set up does most of the work for you. 

In my own garden, I only need to spend about 1-2 hours a week planting, tending and harvesting from the space. 

You Can Plant and Harvest a Ton of Delicious Food in a Very Small Space

You don't need to have hundreds of square feet or rows and rows of vegetable plots in order to have something to harvest every day of the summer. 

Using the intensive planting method, you can plant your space to the get the most of each square inch of your space and enjoy a lot of garden goodness. 


A New Garden Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

There are so many ways you can make your garden goals happen without spending more than you want to.

There's a garden that matches any budget and there's one for you too.

Wanna know the key way to break the bank? To go plant shopping or start ordering garden supplies without a teacher or plan to help you. 

It's the dead plants, the cheap materials and the extra supplies you don't actually need that make setting up a garden expensive and you can skip all of that. 


You Don't Have to Have a 'Green Thumb' or Years of Experience to Have Garden Success


Learning to garden is like learning any other skill. It's not magic. 

You need to learn a proven gardening method with a successful garden teacher alongside others who are learning right with you. 

Method + teacher + community= garden success, no green thumb required. 

Even Though the Reasons to Plant a Garden are Obvious, the Steps to Successfully Make Your Own Garden Goals Happen are Anything But

Start a Garden? Okay. But how in the world do I start? (And not end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and disappointed?)

Maybe You've Already Started Going for Your Garden Goals

You've bookmarked photos on Instagram, watched 100 Youtube videos, and pinned 1000 pictures. 

Maybe you even drew out a garden plan, walked around your space and started to design your garden. 

But even with the best pictures on the internet, most would be gardeners never get past 'pinning' because the options are just too overwhelming. 

Here's Three Reasons Most Garden Goals Don't Happen



(way too many decisions to make and no one to help you narrow the choices


Setting up your own garden isn't impossible to do on your own, BUT there are loads of decisions to make throughout the entire process. 

And that whole process can be overwhelming. 

Where should I put the garden? How do I design it? What's the best layout? What materials should I use? How do I prepare the space? How do I build the bed? What do I need to buy? 

And that's just the first step. 

While adding a garden to your home is like adding a new entertaining space or investing in a large piece of furniture, this investment in your home is unlike any other. 

Setting up a garden is a serious project with lots of decisions and you'll make much better decisions when led by an experienced gardener. 



Most of the garden industry is just selling you a product, not helping you learn the gardening process


Most of the gardening industry is selling you something: a bag of fertilizer, a bunch of plants or seeds, a beautiful pot. 

There's always something new and tempting to buy when it comes to the garden (believe me, I know!). 

But when you start your garden project at the store, you're about 99% more likely to end up with all your hard earned garden investment in the trash. 

The truth is you don't need a product to make your garden goals happen-you need to learn the process of gardening. And then, you'll be able to know what's worth buying and what you should skip past at the store. 



(assuming you need to have years of experience or natural born garden talent to make it happen)

The idea that you're either born with a natural gift to garden or you'll never succeed traps most of us believing that gardening is just beyond our reach. 

But the truth is that gardening is a skill we all can't develop-no magic required.

It's not something that can be learned overnight, acquired by watching a bunch of Youtube videos or pinning pretty images online. 

The skill of gardening is developed when you pick a method to learn and sign up with an experienced teacher. 


Even Though #VictoryGarden is Becoming a Thing Again, There's More To It Than Buying Some Plants or Building a Box

Without a super clear, step by step project plan, most would-be gardeners get lost in the huge pile of online information, spend WAY too much money at the garden store, or give up when their plants' leaves turn yellow or don't make it past the first month. 

'Google' can only get you so far with your garden goals.  With thousands of garden videos, articles, posts and pictures pointing in so many different directions, most people who start going after their garden goals get overwhelmed, stuck, or frustrated. 


This Is Where Kitchen Garden Academy Comes In

Kitchen Garden Academy (KGA) is the only course of its kind that leads you from start to harvest through every single step of your own raised bed kitchen garden, is relevant in every climate because of its unique seasonal approach, guides you through each and every aspect of not just setting up a garden but also planning it, planting, tending and harvesting from it.


A Six Week Online Course that leads you from start to harvest to create, plant, tend, and harvest your own raised bed kitchen garden.


Hey There!

I'm Nicole Burke and I've been waiting a long time for this moment: a chance to teach you the step by step to set up, build, plant, and enjoy your own kitchen garden, no matter where you're growing or how little experience you have.

I've wanted to teach you this for years and now I'm ready.

Wanna know why?

1. I've lived and gardened in more than five different gardening climates ranging from Houston to Chicago (with Philadelphia,Charlottesville, and Nashville in between!)

2. I've created gardens for hundreds of clients in hundreds of different spaces (from small patio to sprawling backyard) through my kitchen garden business, Rooted Garden. 

3. My experiences have helped me create a simple garden system that works for busy people who've never gardened before or want to take their garden design and production skills to a new level. (I know, because I'm one of those busy people!)


To Have Success in the Garden, You Don't Need a Green Thumb

You just need a proven method, an experienced teacher, and a supportive community to support you as you grow. Kitchen Garden Academy provides all of that and more. 

"I've tried a handful of times (unsuccessfully) to have a small potted/patio garden over the past several years and never hand very good yield out of what I put into it. Slowing down and going through the planning stages properly is really what made the difference for me. I'm also excited to have a plan for continued planting so my garden will keep producing. We couldn't have known how crazy this year would be when we started this, but I'm glad I have a very local source for fresh, nutrient dense food. "

Kitchen Garden Academy 2020 Student

THE KITCHEN GARDEN ACADEMY is a simple, proven system that will help ensure your success with your own kitchen garden this year


Here's all you'll master when you learn firsthand from Nicole Burke inside the six-week course.

garden setup

Inside the Academy, you'll understand and use the Gardenary method for setting up a kitchen garden perfectly the first time. Save time, money, and frustration using the system that Nicole developed with her personal clients at Rooted Garden and now uses to train hundreds of garden coaches around the country.

plan & plant

The Academy takes you far beyond garden setup. Now it's time to fully understand and practice the very best way to plan and plant your kitchen garden.

Nicole's signature system for understanding your own seasons and the particularities of plants will remove the confusion and frustrations with planning and planting and make it fun.

grow & harvest

Most blog posts and youtube videos will give you ideas on how to plant. But, the real drama happens when things start growing.

As a member of the Academy, you'll know exactly how to tend your garden at each stage and also how to enjoy your productive organic garden that produces harvest after harvest. 

This isn't just instruction, it's a plug and play system that you can apply in your own garden space-no matter where you live. This system is designed for busy people with little gardening experience who are ready to make the garden part of their everyday life (even if they don't feel like they've got time for it). 

"BTW, we love your stuff. You’ve given my husband and I confidence to pursue our own kitchen garden and I’m happily eating only my own home-grown lettuce these days. Thanks!"

Christyn K.
Kitchen Garden Club Member


Design, Set Up and Build Your Own Beautiful Kitchen Garden (the Professional Way)

Introduction: Save Time, Money & Frustration-Key Questions

In the Introductory Lessons, you'll do the most important work for setting up and planning your kitchen garden. This is the step that's critical for success (but that almost everyone skips). Nicole knows the key questions you should ask yourself before beginning your garden adventure and will guide you through each one. Once you've answered these five key questions, you'll be ready to design and set up your garden the right way, the first time.


Our next LIVE Class begins in January. We'd love for you to join us! Get on the waitlist for 2021 here.

Module One: Know Exactly What You Need to Kitchen Garden

In module one, you'll learn the key kitchen garden elements for creating a garden that's both durable and beautiful. After designing hundreds of kitchen gardens for her clients, Nicole has simplified the process of selecting garden elements and you'll learn it all here in this set of lessons.

Module Two: Make the Best Decision for Your Garden Design & Location

Location isn't just important for real estate, it's THE most important decision you'll make as you set up your kitchen garden. So, don't make this decision alone. In this set of video lessons, Nicole will guide you through the difficult decision-making process and help you choose a spot that's perfect for you and your needs.She'll teach you how to use your space and design a beautiful raised bed kitchen garden space that fits it perfectly, no matter how big or small.

Module Three: Build Your Garden With a Pro

Ever tried to put furniture together or done some other project with just a set of printed instructions? Frustrating, right? Wouldn't it be so much better if you had a coach sitting there with you who'd put together hundreds of those things already? That's what happens in KGA. It's finally time to put your beautiful kitchen garden together. And Nicole will teach you how to build your own garden beds just the way her company does. You'll also learn how to get that finished look in your own kitchen garden. These video lessons will walk you through the entire process from clearing your space to placing your trellises. By the end of this section, you'll have your kitchen garden fully designed and set up.


Module Four: No More Guessing about Soil and Water-I'm Sharing My Secret Formulas

Now that your garden is so beautifully set up, it's time to be sure the soil and water in your garden help your plants grow just as beautifully. In this important set of lessons, you'll learn how to create a soil blend and decide upon a watering system that will keep your garden healthy and productive season after season. While it's less exciting than the garden beds and trellises, soil and water is the secret to my success in my Rooted Garden client gardens and the big harvests in my own kitchen garden.


Planning Your Seasons, Planting, Tending and Harvesting from Your Kitchen Garden

"Nicole’s teaching was amazing. People were so interested in her program that they didn’t want her to stop! I can’t remember when that happened. I can’t tell you how many people have told me how much they loved it! Thank you, thank you!"

Lyn M.
Garden Club of Jackson Member

Module Five-Plan Your Year in the Garden

What? You thought you were just going to head to the local hardware store, buy some plants, cross your fingers, and hope for the best? Nope-in this set of videos, you'll learn the secret to making the MOST of this beautiful kitchen garden you've created. After you watch these lessons, you'll know so much more about the garden in your particular climate and how you can set up your own garden to serve YOUR particular needs. You're going to love these lessons.

Module Six-Plant Your Kitchen Garden

Finally, it's time to plant! But good news: you're so much more ready for this step than you've ever been. Because of the way you've set up your kitchen garden, you are literally set up for success. Now, in this set of lessons, you'll learn how to shop for plants and seeds and how to know which one you should choose for your garden. You'll learn the steps to successfully planting out your garden and how to make sure you don't waste a single dollar this growing season. You've never grown with so much confidence and your plants are gonna love you for it.

What It's Like to Have Your Own Thriving Kitchen Garden

Creating and tending a kitchen garden is THE most effective and productive way to care for your body and beautify your home. And BONUS-you get to eat it too!


Gardening has improved my health in so many ways.  

It's affected my diet as I regularly harvest greens, herbs, and fruit that I actually want to eat (rather than avoid). 

It's given me a new way to exercise and move my body for longer and more enjoyable periods of time.  (Way more than 10,000 steps a day)

Gardening gives me something beautiful to create at home that doesn't include laundry or dishes.  It's an escape from everyday life in my own backyard.  

The garden gives me a meaningful way to connect to my children and husband-it's a place we can discover, work, and celebrate together.  

Gardening was the missing piece in my pursuit of a whole & healthy lifestyle.  

It's the best investment I've made in myself, my health, and my own happiness and BONUS-it's good for my family, my home, and my community too.  That's a win-win-win.

Module Seven-Tend Your Kitchen Garden

"Does this thing come with troubleshooting?" That's the question I kept hearing from new gardeners as they set up their kitchen garden. Though you'll be way ahead by setting up your kitchen garden using Gardenary principles, there's bound to be trouble in your garden. This is Mother Nature we're talking about here, right? But don't worry, I've got you. Inside these videos, you'll learn the key areas to address regularly in your garden and how to troubleshoot along the way. Over the years, we've seen more than a thing or two in the kitchen garden so if you're looking for thorough troubleshooting, it's right here.

Module Eight-Harvest and Enjoy

I hope your phone is ready for the amount of garden pics and Instagram posts you're about to create. In this series of videos, we're seriously going garden to table, helping you make the most of the delicious herbs and vegetables you've grown and incorporating them into your everyday dishes. This isn't about adding more hours to your time in the kitchen, just much more fun and flavor. And trust me, once you add 'just harvested' dishes to your mealtime, eating will never feel the same again. This set of lessons is a celebration of all you've learned throughout the Academy and an anticipation of all you'll grow and enjoy for many seasons to come.

"I have wanted to create a kitchen garden for years. I’ve bought books but they’ve all been too dense and I’ve mined Pinterest but the information there was overwhelming as well and entirely inconsistent. As a designer, I would get lost in inspiration and drawing up my dreams only to feel completely clueless on how to execute them appropriately. After reading your feature in Southern Living I immediately went online to learn more about your offerings; it was clear that your content was far more approachable than any other resource that I’ve come across. So I pre-ordered your book and signed up for Kitchen Garden Academy! I was initially hesitant about the cost but KGA has been worth every penny. The content is well organized, concise and ultra informative without being overwhelming. It gave me the confidence to finally create the kitchen garden I had been dreaming of for all these years. Setting up my garden has truly been a joy! So much so that I’m even considering including garden design as part of my business offerings. "

Michaela @retreathaus
Kitchen Garden Academy 2020 Student

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