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Hey there. I'm Nicole Burke and a few years ago, I had this crazy dream to turn my garden passion into a profitable business.

And guess what? Dreams sometimes come true! (Read more about my garden business below)

If you've got a similar dream, this is the Challenge for you.

The week of March 1, I'll guide you step by step in a 5 Day Challenge to create or perfect your first Garden Coach product. 

We'll have so much fun together.

But, packing your bag for your first garden consult is the best way to get started.

So, grab this free download and set your calendar for March 1st. 

We'll begin spring in the most perfect way-learning to turn your garden knowledge into a thriving garden coaching business. 


Grab this awesome download to see what's inside my Garden Coach bag in preparation for the 5 Day Garden Coach Challenge.

If You Can Grow a Garden, You Can Grow a Garden Coach Business


Rooted Garden's Story

I started Rooted Garden out of my own backyard garden in the late fall of 2015 and grew it to a 6 figure business in just one year.

Garden Consults

I began Rooted Garden out of my own backyard garden, filled my own bag, and my company has now provided more than 250 garden consults in four years-inspiring clients to take the leap and start growing in their own kitchen garden. 

New Gardens

My company, Rooted Garden, has designed and installed more than 100 kitchen gardens in Houston, TX, literally changing the landscape of the city. 

Garden Care & Coaching

Rooted Garden now provides regular garden care and ongoing seasonal coaching for nearly 50 kitchen gardens in the city of Houston, employing talented gardeners in my city and making a real difference for both our clients and our climate.

Don't Miss this Moment

The Garden Coaching Industry is about to explode so THIS MOMENT is the perfect time to start. You can begin a garden coaching business with just a little bit of time and not too much money, as long as you've got the right things in your bag and the right mindset in your head. That's exactly the way I started and grew Rooted Garden and I'm here to help you do the same. So, grab your download, and get ready to join me for a 5 day Garden Coach Challenge beginning March 1st. And let's be part of the Garden Coach Industry boom together.


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