Learn the Secret to Herb Garden Success

Wait-don't buy another herb plant from the store until you watch this video.

Get access to this short lesson from my herb garden to yours before you waste another dollar on an herb plant that might be dead in a few weeks.

After killing one too many herb plants myself, I found the secret to growing herbs.

And ever since then? I haven't bought a single one of those plastic herb packages from the grocery. 

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Discover Why Herbs aren't Like Other Plants

In this video, you'll find out why treating herbs like the other plants in your garden just won't work. 

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Understand What Herb Plants Need

Don't you wish your herbs could just tell you what they want? Since your plants can't talk, Nicole does the talking for them-and she'll explain exactly what your herbs need in this video. 

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Stop Buying Herbs from the Store

Get ready to create delicious dishes with fresh and preserved herbs that YOU grew and skip past those plastic boxes from the grocery for good.