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Get on the 2021 Waitlist

You Can Confidently Create Your Profitable Garden Coach Business in 90 Days  

Get the training, mentorship, community, and authority you need in one place-with membership inside Gardenary's Garden Coach Society.

Join the waitlist now! The 5 day Garden Coach Challenge begins February 1st. 

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Welcome to the Garden Coach Society

The only certification course that includes lifetime access to a thorough training program that helps you set up your business and run it successfully, a mentorship program led by Nicole Burke and other certified Gardenary coaches, a community filled with more than 430 other gardeners growing alongside you, and a Certification that places you on the Gardenary platform and gives you authority and opportunity as a Garden Consultant year after year. 

We Want YOUR Business Listed Here In the Gardenary Directory

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Get on the 2021 Waitlist

The Next Garden Coach Challenge Begins in February

The doors to the Society are currently closed until our February challenge begins.


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Colleen Sanders

Owner of Lemonita Gardens

Santa Cruz, CA

Nicole is SO thorough, you could come into it with absolutely no prior business knowledge and come out the other end a successful business owner. Her enthusiasm is contagious and very encouraging. WELL worth it.

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Get All You Need to Succeed as a Garden Consultant

You'll learn every step to creating a Garden Consulting business, receive mentorship and direction as you go, enjoy the community support you'll crave, and have the  certification your clients are looking for.

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Courtney Johnson

Owner of The Kitchen Garten

Kinston, NC

I was already building beds and selling them, but I needed support and a process. The Society definitely helped me expand and organize.

It's so difficult to think about what to charge, but the society provides valuable information to create a smooth system and consistent pricing.

My favorite thing has been the ability to work for myself and to create a nice side income for my family all while sharing my love for gardening.

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Our next Challenge begins in February-be the first to know when it's time!

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Inside the Garden Coach Society, You'll Have All You Need for Success 


Inside Gardenary, you'll begin with nine courses of Garden Coach training that Nicole Burke will lead you through over a 12 week period. 

Each course requires a little more than one hour of watching time and one to five hours of application.

The courses build on one another and train you in each aspect of the Garden Coach Industry.

No more Google or Youtube or trying to piece together what someone else has created on your own-you get the blueprint for this business right from Nicole Burke.


You'll be mentored by Nicole Burke and other certified Garden Coaches for 12 weeks, ensuring you never have a question that won't get answered or a challenge you can't overcome.


You'll have 12 weeks of access to a community of other garden coaches to build your business alongside and won't have to use the word, 'alone' again.


Upon completion of the 12 week course, you can apply for Gardenary Certification and listing on the Gardenary platform for a founding member investment.

You'll have authority as a Gardenary certified Garden Coach-no more trying to explain what you do or find words to tell about your dreams.

Your face is now part of an online directory of Garden Coaches, you're certified and connected with other leaders in this industry. 



Be Trained 

The Garden Coach Society is PACKED with loads of courses that teach you every single aspect of building and growing your Garden Coach Business.  

Everything inside the Society is practical training-ready to be applied right away so you can start consulting ASAP.

Here are the Nine Certification Courses You'll Own with LIFETIME Access

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Lauren Child

Owner of Flower Child Heirlooms

Charlotte, NC

"The framework for setting up my business has been incredibly helpful. I was not sure where to begin.

Nicole clearly outlines the steps to get started. I love applying her gardening system in my own garden and with clients."


Read Loads of Garden Coach Society Stories Here


How Training Works

The Garden Coach Society courses (more than nine modules) are available to watch immediately upon joining.

The training is developed to ensure your success in setting up and starting your Garden Consulting business in less than 90 days. 

Get Instant & Lifetime Access to Entire Garden Coach Certification Program

Once you sign up, you'll get access to all nine modules that will guide you through the step by step of each particular aspect of your Garden Coach business.

Each module guides you along the path to set up, launch, and run your profitable Garden Consulting Business. 

Watch or Listen to Each Lesson & Apply Immediately


Each module should require 1-1.5 hours to watch and take notes and is designed to be applied and set into your calendar to work on immediately. 

Remember, this is training, not just education, so each course is practical, hands on and ready to be applied.

Within 90 days, you can have your Consulting business set up and profitable using the Gardenary model.

Get Help at Every Level


Whether you already have a business set up or you're starting from scratch, the Garden Coach Society Certification will help you grow to the next level. 

You'll learn exactly how to set up and get registered as quickly and inexpensively as possible all the way to how to market and scale your consultant offers to reach more clients, create more gardens, and scale your consulting business. 

In Addition to Your Gardenary Certification Course, You'll Have LIFETIME Access to the Entire Gardenary Garden Education Library

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Be Mentored

Enjoy coaching, Q & A sessions, and be on the inside with training from Nicole Burke, the Founder and Owner of Rooted Garden, Inc, Author of Kitchen Garden Revival, and Creator of the Gardenary Platform and other certified Gardenary Garden Coaches. 

Your membership includes 12 weeks of LIVE mentor sessions. 

I'm leading you!

Just five years ago, I was desperate for a mentor in this industry. I flew all the way to California and paid someone $500 to sit with me for an hour and give me advice. The whole trip cost me over $2000 and all I got was an hour's worth of advice. 

I created the Society to offer YOU what I couldn't find myself. Over the last few years, I've grown and scaled a business that's grown by $100,000 in revenue each year for five years straight. 

And I've taken my system and taught it to more than 430 gardeners who've applied it and used it around North America. 

I'm the published author of Kitchen Garden Revival, a featured gardener in Southern Living Magazine, Modern  Farmer and USA Today and someone who's passionate about teaching YOU all I've learned in building a profitable garden coach business from scratch.

As founder of the Gardenary platform, YOUR success is my success. I am 100% committed to being your Mentor and seeing you through every hurdle you face as a Business Owner. 

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How Mentorship Works


Not only will you get access to all the training courses you'll need to succeed, but you'll also get access to mentorship sessions with Nicole Burke and other certified Gardenary Garden Coaches. 

Each month, you'll be invited to LIVE coaching sessions where you can bring your own questions to be answered by Nicole and other successful Garden Coaches or just listen in and learn as others are mentored too. 

Your membership includes 12 weeks of weekly mentorship sessions.

Always Get Your Questions Answered


The Garden Coach Society is designed to ensure your questions get answered as you grow and develop your business. 

As your business grows, your questions will change and grow too. We'll help you work through your challenges inside the mentor sessions over 12 weeks with the opportunity to join an annual mentorship program after this one is complete.

Get Mentored by Gardeners Who've Faced What You're Facing


Nicole Burke and the most established and successful Garden Coaches will lead the mentor sessions, helping you from their own experiences and teaching you to apply Gardenary methods to the challenges you face.

Even when it's not your question being answered, you'll learn so much by listening in as other coaches get the help they need in the weekly Q & A sessions over a 12 week period. 

LIVE Calls & Recordings Available Whenever You Can Watch

The Mentor sessions will be available for you to join LIVE and will be saved in your membership area for you to watch or listen to again (and again) at your own convenience. 

The Mentor program is designed so you never feel stuck or stumped with a challenge that comes your way-because challenges definitely do come!

Be Mentored by a Published Garden Author

My new book just released this spring and guess what I talk about inside the book?


All throughout my book, I point readers back to Gardenary to come and get garden coaching and help as readers set up and grow their own garden. 

Ever been mentored by an author? The Garden Coach Society is your opportunity.

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Crystal Jarvis

Owner of Lettuce Grow Something

Austin, TX

"The step-by-step instructions on how to get started. I never even imagined starting a business of my own. Nicole helped ease the stress of this process greatly.

The continual support and constant learning that Nicole provides the Garden Coach Society is invaluable."



Be Part of a Community


Entrepreneurship is too hard to do alone. And this industry is so new. You need a  community of encouraging and hard working colleagues to cheer you on, answer your questions and keep you going. 

Inside Garden Coach Society, you'll get just that.  You'll still get to do the fun and thrilling work of being a business owner but you'll never have that "I'm all by myself" feeling. 

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Annie Chubbuck

Owner of Seed Babies

Columbus, OH

"Since joining I feel more confident in the value of my business and services. I have a community to share thoughts, ideas, and questions with and I have a great mentor (Nicole, obviously) who keeps us motivated, challenges us to do more, and cheers for us every step of the way.  

I would definitely recommend the GCS. I think it's a good fit for anyone wanting to take the leap into the garden coaching world and for anyone out there who already has a business but needs some guidance and mentorship to help it grow." 

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Sophia Hasan

Owner of Culinary Gardens

Naperville, IL

"I have always loved gardening, planting, healthy food and propagation but never thought this could be a job or a career.

When I found Nicole on Instagram, she was just having such a blast in the garden and much of what she was sharing really struck a chord with me.

So I took a leap of faith & signed up for the Garden Coach Society and it has literally changed the trajectory of my work life. I get to take my passion and make it my career!! Once I started she guided me along the way and made it really easy for me to take the next step. It's hard to do things all by yourself and now we have zoom calls and we discuss the focus for the week.

There is just enough structure and support to keep you going with whatever hours you have.

We are growing our business one step at a time and we have a community of coaches we can talk to, ask advice and share our challenges with. I love it!"

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Sara Cory

Owner of Revival Garden Co.

"I have learned so much from GCS about how to setup my business and lead successful consultations that turn into sales. Knowing the right questions to ask and how to support my clients has given me a lot of confidence to get my business going.

Having a mentor and a group of other people growing their businesses alongside me is the best. The community within GCS is so valuable to me."

How Community Works


You'll not only get comprehensive training and 12 weeks of mentorship, but you'll also get 12 weeks of membership in a community of supportive peers and colleagues.

Most members of the Society say this is the best part of the membership. 

As soon as you join, you'll be welcomed into the private community where you can ask questions and get support from other Garden Consultants growing alongside you.

Get Daily Prompts


Inside the Garden Coach Society Online Community, you'll get daily prompts to set your goals for the week, to celebrate your wins, and to learn from other Garden Coaches inside the Society.

Forward progress is difficult to keep making on our own but the Garden Coach Community is the support you need to keep going in the 12 weeks as you get set up or scale your business. 

Have a Sounding Board


 Want someone to review your website, vote on your logo, help you refine your offer?

The Community is the place to make that happen. You have 24/7 access to the Group for 12 weeks and can ask questions, see what others are making and doing, and have a sounding board from supportive peers any time you need it. 

Grow Faster


All the science shows that when we are working in a group or team, we grow and succeed much faster.

More brains=faster growth

You'll be amazed at how being part of the Garden Coach Society Community  gives you new ideas, helps you refine and perfect your products, and helps you grow your business at a much faster rate than you could ever do alone. 

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Arianna Iappini

Owner of Birch Arbor

Salisbury, MA


"The Garden Coach Society is a phenomenal community for like-minded garden lovers to share their insights with budding beginners & grow their own skills with practicing peers.

If you have a desire to cultivate community & guide others towards growing a thriving garden, I highly recommend joining in on the fun!"


Earn Authority

As a Certified Gardenary Garden Coach, we'll help you prove your authority and expertise.

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How Authority Works

The Gardenary platform is designed to promote you and your work as a Garden Consultant and help your clients and potential customers better understand your work as a garden coach. 

As Uber is to Drivers, Airbnb is to homeowners, and Havenly is to Interior Designers, Gardenary is to Garden Consultants. 

Gardenary is THE first to market platform in the Garden Consulting Industry and we'd love to have YOU on it. 

Be Listed Upon Completion of Your Certification

As soon as you finish the 12 week training inside the Garden Coach Society, you can apply to be listed in the Directory. 

Membership inside the Directory is $50 per month or $500 for the year.

Certification enables you to be found by clients searching for a Garden Consultant in their area and provides you authority as you explain your work to your potential clients and market. 

As you begin to describe your work to potential clients and members of your community, you now have a platform you can point them toward. 

Your image and business on the Gardenary platform proves your authority as a Garden Coach in your local town or city.


Let Gardenary Help You Market Your Business


Gardenary is all about marketing. We've invested more than $150,000 studying Facebook and Google ads and five years learning how to create viral quality material online. 

Your Gardenary membership includes the opportunity to post to the Gardenary blog once per month, to be featured regularly on Gardenary's Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and other social media accounts and even opportunity to join Nicole and other Gardenary consultants on the Grow Your Self Podcast and other upcoming marketing opportunities with a total following and market reaching 500,000 and growing.

Have Opportunity to Work as a Gardenary Virtual Coach


The new virtual coach platform for Gardenary is in Beta launch and as a Gardenary certified consultant, you'll have priority access to work from home and provide Gardenary garden consulting to clients all over the country.

Once certified, you have the opportunity to be trained as a Virtual Coach and work on the platform to provide coaching and garden design using the Gardenary methods for clients around the country.  

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Be Found

One of the most difficult aspects of building a new business is being found by the people who need your services most. 

Inside the Society, you'll learn my proven methods for marketing and sales so that you can find your customers right where they are.

But, once you receive certification, you'll get a spot in our Directory, a site that's gaining traffic and attention every day and the perfect place for new clients to find you.

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Feel Confident

As Garden Consultants, our job is to help beginner and overwhelmed clients feel confident in the garden.

But oftentimes, it's hard for us to be confident as their coach-to talk bravely about the work we do, to lead them with certainty and to not be afraid to be paid for the great change we're making.

You can't buy confidence but you can certainly grow it and you'll do just that inside the Society.

Education, mentorship, community, 24/7 support and your name right here in the directory will give you the confidence you need so you can give your clients the courage they want.

Get to Know Gardenary's Garden Consultants



Read the stories and see the businesses built by gardeners like you who are trained and mentored inside the Garden Coach Society


Let Gardenary Help You with Marketing

Gardenary is committed to bringing back the garden both by training garden coach professionals and then marketing to those who would never consider gardening and bring them on to the Gardenary platform to find YOUR business.

Gardenary is working hard and investing in paid advertising to help you with your marketing efforts. Your success is our success and we're committed to marketing for you and spreading the good news of your good business with the clients looking for your services. 

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Silvia Gramuglia

Owner of Bay Area Kitchen Gardens


"It is totally worth it.

If this is what you love doing, you will get and find all the tools, support and encouragement you need to move forwards towards your dream of working from what you love doing: gardening.

In the Society, I've learned how to plan content for social media, how to work with IG, steps for the installation of a kitchen garden, setting up the business, and I've learned so much from LIVE meetings, learning from others' questions and concerns."

Be Mentored by a Leader in Your Industry

I've grown my own Garden Consulting business to six figures in one year and I've added $100k more in revenue every year since. I've hired full time employees, sub contractors, moved to another state and kept my business going from afar.

I've seen the good, bad and ugly in growing a Garden Consulting business and I'm right in the trenches with you-I'm just five years ahead. 

Let me mentor you as you grow your own business and teach you from my own mistakes and experience.

I know how to slowly build a Garden Consulting Business from just a few hundred dollars into something that is truly profitable and I teach you how to do so in my step by step Garden Coach Framework.

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The Society Works-See How Here

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