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In FIVE DAYS, you'll learn the key details of the Garden Consulting Industry and create your first Garden Consulting Product

Join Us for Garden Coach Business Challenge Week


Join Nicole Burke, Founder of Rooted Garden and Gardenary, Inc. and 100s of other gardeners for the final LIVE GARDEN COACH BUSINESS WEEK of 2021.

Each day, you'll receive a new video lesson and meet with Nicole Burke LIVE as she guides you to create your first product as a Garden Consultant.



Your Week Long Challenge includes a daily video lesson and a FREE Workbook to guide you through the week as you build your first Garden Consultant product to help you go from gardener to "Garden Business Owner."

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1: Discover Your Own Strengths

First, you'll discover your own strengths and realize valuable experiences and skills you have that you may have taken for granted so that you can grow your business without worrying about competition.

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2: Make Your Plan

Next, you'll learn the step by step to take what you know and turn that knowledge into a garden coaching session so that you simplify the process of getting started. 

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3: Create Your First Product

Finish the challenge as you take all you've learned and discover how to create a product you can share with the clients and customers you're soon to serve as a Garden Coach.


You Have Front Row Access to a Daily Hour Long LIVE Class with Nicole Burke

Founder of Rooted Garden and Gardenary, Inc. 


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Learn What it Takes to Become a Garden Consultant

In our first day of the Challenge, you'll discover more about the necessary steps you'll need to take to become a garden consultant and how to get qualified sooner rather than later

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Pick Your Specialty

The key to success in this industry is standing out and standing for something special. You'll learn how to narrow down your specialty in day two of the Challenge as you see some great examples of specialties that are seeing the most success in the industry

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Get a System

In day 3, you'll learn the secret to the most successful garden consulting businesses: a replicable system. And you'll see how creating your own business system will make your success as a consultant inevitable.

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Choose the Level that Suits You Best

On day 4, you'll discover the many different levels of garden consulting services and how to select the best level for your own business aspirations. This is not a one size fits all industry and you'll discover what fits you best on this day. 

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Six Figure Businesses Built from Scratch

On day five, you'll get inspired by the true story of Nicole Burke's business growth to $100k in 1 year and other garden coaches who grew to a six figure business as well. These stories will help you believe that this is possible for you too. 

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Learn How to Start Earning Right Away

In this practical class, you'll get five concrete examples to know how you can earn $3000 in as little as 30 days as a garden consultant. This class alone is worth the investment in the Challenge. 

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Get the Support from a Community

Don't grow alone! On the final day of the Challenge, you'll get to show off all you've learned by sharing your first Garden Consulting product and hearing from other challenge participants. We'll grant prizes to the most active members and make plans for the future together. 

Learn How You Can Be Part of The New Garden Consultant Industry

Our world has advanced in great ways over the last century but with all this progress, there are some important things we left behind.

And the garden is one of them.

But good news-the world is waking up to the fact that we should return to the garden but so many excited gardeners lack the confidence and knowledge they need.

That's where the Garden Consultant Industry comes in...i.e. YOU!

So, take this challenge and be part of bringing back the garden to your own town and community. 

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Meet Your Teacher


I'm Nicole Burke.

Five years ago, I really wanted to start my own business. As a mom of four young children and a gardener who loved her time outside, I was eager to contribute to my family's finances but also wanted to be home with my kids in the mornings and afternoons.

I tried lots of options that year but couldn't find a job opportunity that fit my needs.

So I took a chance. I took $450 and registered my Garden Coaching business as Rooted Garden.

I sent out an email telling friends and family that I was starting a business that combined my love of people and my love for the garden by helping others. 

In just one year, my company earned more than $100,000 and hasn't stopped growing since (we're on target to become a 7 figure company this year).

In 2020, I published my first book, Kitchen Garden Revival, featuring 19 of the kitchen gardens my company, Rooted Garden, created.  

I've taken the best lessons from my own garden consulting success and I've helped more than 500 gardeners start their own Garden Consulting businesses around the country since 2017.

I've condensed some of the best lessons I've learned in my own business and in helping other business owners to inspire YOU in this week long challenge course.

I can't wait to get to know you during our week together.


Garden Coach Week

The final Garden Coach Week starts soon, so click here to join us and learn how you can start to build your garden consulting business with Gardenary this year.










Over 20,000 Gardeners Have Taken the Challenge, All That's Missing Is You

Nicole Burke created the Garden Coach Business Challenge to teach you the key lessons she's learned from growing her own garden consulting business to help you see what's possible for you. 1000s have taken the course and loved it, and we'd love to have you join us for our final challenge of 2021. 


Give Us Five Days & You Can Jumpstart Your Garden Consulting Business

With more than 20,000 challenge participants to date, we know that the Garden Coach Challenge Mini Course works.

For just $27, you can go from gardener to starting your own garden consulting business. 

Take the dare, try the Challenge and see if the Garden Consulting industry can work for you. 

We've trained more than 500 gardeners around the country in the Garden Coach Society who have made it work for them and we are just getting started. 

Fall Season Special


Full Course, Workbook & 7 LIVE Classes

  • Discover the Most Important Skills You Possess as a Garden Consultant in Day 1
  • Learn the Steps to Master Your Industry Focus and Select Your Niche in Day 2
  • Take the First Steps to Develop Your Own Coaching Framework so You Can Start Serving Clients Right Away
  • Learn the Secret to Perfecting Your Presentation Skills as a Garden Consultant & Get Practice in Day 4
  • Make Your Initial Marketing and Sales Plan in Day 5
  • Get support every day with a new video lesson, a self assessment and a complete Course Guide to keep you going
  • Join Nicole Burke, Founder of Rooted Garden LIVE every day to learn a new aspect of the Garden Consulting Industry including Professional requirements, niche selection, consultant levels, How to Create a Scalable Business and How to Make Your First $3000 as a Consultant
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"I was able to imagine myself as a Garden Coach."


Garden Coach Challenge Participant & New Owner of a Garden Consulting Co. in Richmond, VA

"Nicole, i was thinking last night while attending a native plant/conservation landscaping talk that the 5-day Garden Coach Challenge was so valuable because I articulated my values and assets as a potential garden coach.

The 1-minute talk I learned through the Garden Coach Challenge allowed me to believe that I could actually give a talk, and that I actually have a lot to offer.

"Once I had that confidence—even from a one-minute nervous video talk—I was able to imagine myself as an actual garden coach."

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"I'm already finding myself re-inspired and re-invigorated"


Garden Coach Business Challenge Participant & New Owner of Her Own Garden Consulting Business in Wisconsin

I attended one of Nicole's garden coaching challenges this past summer and shortly thereafter started my garden coaching business, Garden Like a Mother, with the intent to work specifically with moms who want to garden as a therapeutic self-care activity and as a way to connect with their family in a screen-free way."

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"So many of these points you raise and ideas from your guests and coaches are just plain helpful for any business!"


Garden Coach Business Challenge Participant

"There have been so many times where I can relate points to my wife's photography business or ideas that I think would help her out as well! And I'm so excited I won your book Nicole Johnsey Burke  

"thank you again for this helpful and encouraging garden coach challenge and conference, really! So great."